authentic vinyasa


Your local home for authentic vinyasa. Peaceful Warrior Yoga Center was established by Dawn Stidd in June 2011 on the north shore of Long Island in beautiful Rocky Point, NY.

We specialize in both heated and non-heated vinyasa yoga. The emphasis for Vinyasa Yoga is to unite the body, breath, and mind through mindfully-placed movement. Our yoga classes are differentially instructed, so there will be opportunity to create your own level of practice each time you come to your mat. In addition to vinyasa yoga, you will also find us teaching kids yoga classes in our "Mini Warriors" program, "Stand Up Paddleboard" yoga in Mount Sinai Harbor, Prenatal Yoga and training new outstanding yoga teachers in our 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified yoga teacher training.

Peaceful Warrior Yoga is all about being creative while still honoring authentic yoga teachings. We will stress the importance of keeping the mind focused on the observation of the body and the breath. You will work towards taking a rest when your body is calling for it – instead of when your mind is telling you to give up. We encourage you to acknowledge where you are today, honor your body, and be thankful for each practice. Our classes incorporate asana (postures) practice, Pranayama (breath work) and Yoga Philosophies. While your practice here will be physically challenging, the emphasis is for this physical movement to occur only with consistent breath and steady mind.

What a beautiful thing it is to find a way to benefit your body, mind and soul while having fun and connecting with a most wonderful community! Welcome to our Family!