Authentic Vinyasa Yoga

Each of our classes here at Peaceful Warrior Yoga are Intelligent, Creative and Mindful. We offer an array of classes from Heated & Powerful to Gentle & Restorative. Each Peaceful Warrior teacher comes from a different school of Yoga and bring their own flavor to each class. We compliment each other by being committed to offer you not just a yoga class, but an experience. From Breath Work to Meditation to Posture Practice, we are here to guide you and bring something new to your practice each time you show up. Be sure to check out all we have to offer! In addition to our Group Yoga Classes, check out our Meditation Sessions, Ashtanga Yoga Program, Aerial Classes, Kids Classes and Outdoor Experiences.

Your mind, body & soul will thank you.

Your classes with us aren’t just about a physical workout. While you’ll get that, you’ll also get an experience. We address ways you can use your yoga practice off your mat to live a happier, healthier life.


Peaceful Warrior Yoga

491 North Country Road, Sound Beach NY