Yoga Teacher Training

The Time is Now 200hr & 300hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
This program has been designed to allow for Sadhana, Yogic Philosophies, Time teaching in real classroom settings, assisting in full classes with a certified teacher present, Information on other schools and styles to lead to more informed continuing ed, Yogic Diet and Lifestyle training and so much more. Dawn specializes in creative sequencing and differential instruction. This is a TRUE vinyasa yoga training with information on how to intelligently design a class to make the students feel like rock stars and wanting to come back to your classes again and again.

This course is open to those looking to become Yoga teachers and aspiring students who wish to deepen their practice and understanding of Yoga.


Peaceful Warrior Yoga Center is a Yoga Alliance Registered School

200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

For all levels of practice. We welcome those who would like to teach and any student who wants to gain a deeper knowledge of Yoga. This course is Yoga Alliance Certified and Upon Adequate Completion, students will be able to register with the Yoga Alliance as a 200hr RYT. Only students who graduate from a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training will be able to continue into a 300hr Yoga Teacher Training.

300hr Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

For all levels of practice but those with an understanding of their physical limits. students who graduated from a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training will be accepted into this training. Your 200hr Training will be verified upon receipt of your application. We recommend taking a minimum of one year since your 200hr before beginning this program. This course is Yoga Alliance Certified and Upon Adequate Completion, students will be able to register with the Yoga Alliance as a 500hr RYT. 

Course Outline 200hr Teacher Training

Teaching Methodology

*Assisting workshops to practice of hands-on adjustments
*Assisting in real classroom settings
*Differential Instruction
*Creative Sequencing
*Class Planning / Themes

Yoga as a Business

*Introduction to the basics of the business of yoga
*Yoga Lifestyle & Diet
*Yoga Ethics
*Integration of Positive Psychology Concepts for a Positive Classroom Vibe.

Yoga Philosophies, Texts & History

*Devas & Deities
*Patanjali's Yoga Sutras
*Bhagavad Gita
*History of Yoga
*Schools / Lineages
*Hinduism & The Stories Behind the Asanas
Yoga Instructor Assisting a Student at Peaceful Warrior Yoga Center in Rocky Point, NY

Anatomy & Physiology

(Both physical and energetic bodies)

*Introduction to structural body through exploration of bones
*Introduction to connective tissue and exploration of key muscles groups
*Common Injuries & Illnesses. Creating a Safe Classroom Environment
*Exploring the Bandhas
*Working with the Nadis, Vayus & Chakras
*Introduction to the Koshas

Yoga Techniques & Practice

*Introduction to the principles of alignment through Asana Clinics
*Integration of alignment and asana through Sadhana (Integrated Yoga Practices)
*Balancing Working Your Edge & Honoring Your Body
*Master Classes & Workshops
*Introduction to pranayama (exploration of breathing techniques)
*Assisting Workshops with Real Time Feedback
*Class Observations through Outside Studios
Yoga Instructors Assisting Students at Peaceful Warrior Yoga Center in Rocky Point, NY

Course Outline 300hr Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training


There's a reason why Dawn's class is filled with New Students and Yoga Teachers alike! Her teaching style is unmatched in intricacies. From alignment to anatomy to philosophy there is something new every class. This Advanced Vinyasa training will have extensive time training in philosophy, asana and pranayama clinics, time assisting among workshops galore on everything from teaching to special groups to creative sequencing. The last part of the training We will be off to India for a submersion into Indian Culture!



   Dawn Marie Stidd

   200hr E-RYT Kripalu Center
   500hr E-RYT Sacred Lasya
   Certificate in Positive Psychology
   Lazy Dog SUP Yoga
   Karma Kids Yoga

Dawn opened Peaceful Warrior Yoga Center in 2011 and was immediately embraced by the community. As the first studio in the area, Dawn introduced the community to Vinyasa Yoga. Dawn has been guiding Teacher Trainings since 2010 and began guiding Peaceful Warrior Teacher Trainings in 2011. Since then, she has personally guided over 60 Yoga Teachers who continue to inspire those around them. Her past teachers are now teaching everywhere from local studios to Germany. She has continued to be an innovator in Intelligent Sequencing and Differential Instruction. Her certificate in Positive Psychology gives her an additional gateway in guiding students to be Happier on and off their mats.

Dawn Marie Stidd Doing a Yoga Pose Dawn Marie Stidd Practicing Yoga Asana


(Payment plans available)
Additional Costs:
*4 Classes at Outside Studios (About $80)
*20 Classes at PWYC (Discounted to $150 or covered under any other membership)
*Cost of Books (Approximately $225)

Schedule / Time Line
Step 1 - Submit Application
Step 2 - Get acceptance Email
Step 3 - Submit $900 Deposit to Secure your Spot
Step 4 - $1,000 Balance due up to 1 month before Training
Step 5 - $900 Balance due up to 2 Weeks before Training
Step 5 - Show up first day and the Journey Begins!