New Student Information


Our classes are open level as everyone enters at different levels and continues at their own space. The instructors will differential instruct for you so you will be able to find your way through any of our classes. Only thing you need to decide is if you would like heat or not. Most people prefer the heat so that is mostly what we offer but there are some non heated classes as well! Only classes that are not conducive for the first couple of weeks are the Candlelight (as there isn't a lot of instruction given) and Yoga Jam (because it moves a little quicker.)


Online Registration is requested but not required. You may find our online registration possible through our Schedule Link. If not registering online please be sure to arrive 15-20 minutes early for your first class. We have registration available through our website along with an app available for you to make registration as simple as possible


Please arrive about 10 to 15 minutes early for your class and remove shoes before entering the studio. This is a bare-foot space!


We do not allow speaking. This space is a sanctuary and used by many before and after class for meditation. In our over stimulated society these moments of silence before and after class are greatly beneficial. We also do not allow cell phones inside the studio for any reason.


Please leave all of your belongings in the Lobby to keep the practice space open. We will lock the door during class to protect your belongings.


This is a mindful space, please turn off cell phones and leave them in the Lobby.


Give yourself 2-3 hours to digest before you practice yoga. Your body will be more comfortable. It is best NOT to drink water during practice. While we permit water bottles in the studio and will never keep you from grabbing a drink please know that hydration occurs BEFORE you arrive. 


We do not recommend short sleeve shirts for heated classes or shorts. For the ladies, tanks with yoga capris or pants works best. For men, swim shorts or other exercise shorts will be conducive. While shirts are optional, we do NOT allow speedos. (Thank you for your understanding!)


The studio is heated and kept at the optimal temperature for the health and wellbeing of your body. By attending our studio you acknowledge that heat will be used to the closest proximity to our class descriptions as we are able to maintain it. Some days may be more humid or feel hotter due to the intensity of class or what poses we are exploring. You may take rests at any time. We discourage you from leaving the studio space. The front lobby will not be available to you during class but the bathroom areas are open should you absolutely require them.


Please refrain from wearing heavy scents to class. Many students have sensitivities to synthetic fragrances.


Please bring your own mat or you can rent one from the front desk for $2. You will want to bring a large towel with you or a skidless towel if available to you otherwise we will rent you one with your mat for an additional $1. We have an assortment of props for your use. If you are unsure when or how to use props please note that your teacher will assist you with that during class. You are welcome to bring a water bottle into class.


Please fill out this form and we will contact you shortly.