Yoga Class Descriptions

75 Minutes of sheer energy and bliss consisting of intelligent & creative sequencing, breath linked flow, and dynamic mindfully placed movements. Set in a 95 Degree Room with added humidity, this class will warm the body, calm the mind and open the heart. The asanas vary from day to day but always include a variety of breath-centered Pratapana (warm-ups), standing pose sequences, heart opening backbends, cleansing twists and introversion focused forward bends. The class culminates in a shared Savasana and the vibrations of a collective Aum. This open level class will offer options for both beginner and experienced practitioners alike; please honor your experience as you test your edges in this class.
75 Minute Class offering Dynamic movement to open the Energy Channels and Breath before entering into Static Offerings. This class will be set in a 102 Degree Room with added humidity and Poses will be sustained before flowing into the next. Each class will be sequenced to match what the energy of the room is calling for that day with differential instruction to allow all levels of practice to Make it Their Own. This class focuses on Balance, Strength, and Focus. Emphasis will be on Keeping the Mind Present even when sustaining a Posture. Beginners will be comfortably challenged and those with deeper practices will have options for a deep, detoxifying journey.
A delicious balance of Gentle Flow and Restorative Yoga to create an invigorating and also deeply relaxing experience. Flow & Restore is set to a Comfortable 75 degrees. The first portion of the class will focus on warming and be flowing mindfully through sequences linked with breath, followed by poses that are completely restorative and supported by props, prepping the body for a Sweet Savasana. To have the full experience of this class we are limiting the number of students so sign up today to save your spot.
This 60 Minute mindful class emphasizes the importance of creating a strong foundation through informed alignment and mindful breathing to create an interplay of movement and stability designed to balance our underlying anatomy. Expect a fun, laid back sequence with mindful transitions that honor all Bodies. This class is set to 82 degrees to allow for deeper flexibility and safer flexibility. This class is transforming, fun, grounding, strengthening & delivers the stability & balance required to deepen your practice. Available to all levels of practice.
We have created space through this class for you to find your practice alongside your child - 9 years of age and older. (Special inquiries or questions, please contact us.) This class will allow you and your child to participate together within a kid friendly environment. Family Yoga is set to a Comfortable 75 degrees. You’ll find a well thought out class and lessons that you (and your child) can take off your mats. Expect the unexpected as we may just walk our feet up the wall or have a gust of wind while in Tree Pose. This class will run as a Foundation Flow class open to ALL students.
Students must pre-register for this offering. An advanced practice in the Slow Flow Style focuses on linking movement with each breath. This is a true vinyasa style class with creative sequencing and a place for students to move at their pace and explore their own practice. This class requires that students must have a strong sense of alignment before entering this class. Creative sequences will include arm balances and inversions.
We’re giving you a reason to wake up early to celebrate your day! Set in a 95 Degree Room with added humidity, this class will wake you and set you. Following the style of Hot Flow with some Static Poses to Honor the early morning hour, you will find the perfect balance of dynamic and static asana (posture) practice to start your day energized. The class culminates in a shared Savasana, leaving you feeling wide awake and free to start your day. This open level class will offer options for both beginner and experienced practitioners alike; please honor your experience as you test your edges in this class.
A 15 minute guided meditation led by 500hr E-RYT Dawn Stidd. This guided meditation will explore techniques of Tantric Meditation (which encourages a different approach besides ordering the mind silent) along with incorporating aspects of Positive Psychology. No cost, open to all students, NO REGISTRATION TAKEN! Timing will support those students taking classes at 4:45pm or 6:30pm.