Yoga and Community

At Peaceful Warrior we have a WONDERFUL community. Many students who have been with us since 2011 when I first opened. After class, many students stay and catch up with each other. I love seeing students exchanging numbers and sharing in social media together.  This community is in fact just a compliment to what Yoga is.

Yoga means to Yoke or Join together the body and the mind. It is a time where you get to notice your tendencies (in Body and Mind.) In Positive Psychology we define this as our True Self. The beautiful thing about acknowledging this individual time we have on our mats is it becomes a place where YOU can decide who you want to be. In Positive Psychology we define this is our Ideal Self.  By Placing Community as an importance over this individual journey, a lot can be lost. The opportunity for you to allow yourself to be who you are without comparing to those around you and the opportunity to decide who YOU want to be without others pushing their values and definitions onto you!

Have you ever jumped into a relationship with someone and started to become them. By losing yourself in others you are doing them a disservice as well. This time to consciously decide who we want to be will bring people around us who love who we are. Verse those who love their ego and want everyone to be just like them!

The whole idea of Kula (community) is to live it through selfless service and offer our strengths to those around us. It is the honoring of our differences and joining together our individualities that create a well-rounded community. To live just for the community is to let others decide for you what you should be able to do or should look like or should dress like. Instead, take your Yoga off your mat and decide who YOU want to be. Then Bless the Community with who you ARE!

Kripalu Yoga does a beautiful job of meshing together the individual and the community. Many of our conversations are – “How does that make YOU feel?” and “Do what feels right for YOU!” And of course, these conversations and inquiries are done after we’ve safely set up our practice – body and breath! At Kripalu, Breakfasts are silent. The idea that you have this time to meditate on your meal and on your day. I’ve done this at Kripalu with 2 kids, one 2 months and the other 2 years old. And they did surprisingly beautifully! Depending on your tendencies towards introversion this is an essential time or those with tendencies towards extroversion this can be twitchy! The rest of the meals for the day are then seated in the space of community and conversation and laughter.

One of my favorite things (and there are many!) that Tal Ben-Shahar said is “No one is coming to save you.” While that can seem sad at first once the dust settles it is empowering! If you look to others to save you, Life will be filled with Disappointment and you will then be forced to take your Fall Backs out on Someone else. The benefit is you can blame others for your Failures. The downfall is you will run the same Loop again and again. Let others just add color to what’s already there. Let them offer support and encouragement verse direction and orders. The community then layers on an opportunity to display YOUR strength and share in others strengths as well!
Atha Yoga Anusthasanam!