On Election Day, use your Yoga!

At Peaceful Warrior, we LOVE talking about how you can take your Yoga off your mat. In times of transition and unrest, Yoga can be a beautiful tool! The first thing to connect is that you CAN make a difference. Yoga teaches us that we do have a say in our destiny and that each movement and tug of the fabric of our universe ripples through in effect. Karma and Lila create a balance of control and play. Give in and play along after you contribute your best. Learn to practice Aparigraha or Non Attachment. Once you place your vote know that your part is done and you can’t control the final outcome. This diminishes the stress of attaching your happiness to an uncontrollable situation. Happiness will come and go and your reaction to life’s events and detaching from outcome can bring you back to happiness quicker when the outcome is not to your liking! Learn to love others even when you share a difference in opinion. Holding Hate in your heart leads to physical harm on yourself. Ahimsa teaches us to be non violent, not just physically but in our thoughts and words as well. Share in your community or Kula and embrace the differences in those around you verse fighting them or being hateful. Lastly, find contentment in life as it is and however it will change. Santosa teaches us to appreciate and be grateful for what we have. As my wonderful Positive Psychology mentor Ben Tal Shahar says, “When we appreciate the good, the good appreciates!”