Through my teaching I work constantly on inviting new ways to find mindfulness in movements, poses and transitions. Whether it be a creative sequence or slowing things down or coming into a pose multiple different ways. This idea of letting the body and mind unite to create mindful movement through the support of the breathe is one of the greatest keys to moving up the Koshas (energy sheaths.) This is where the importance lies in discouraging too much focus on achieving a specific pose. While challenges are lovely and working towards a Greater Self is beautiful, when the focus on the end game is too intense the work to get there becomes burdensome and the achievement of the challenge is not as sweet. But what if instead, we could enjoy working hard, sweating hard and feeling the breathe move through the body. What if we allowed our mind to be so focused on placing movements and being in the Present Breathe that we could see the Sweetness in sitting in the journey just as much as achieving a specific goal.

We spend time with this on our mats because in our day to day lives we tend to live a lot on autopilot. Ever drive somewhere or walk somewhere and miss the journey along the way?! Ever work towards something so fiercely that you lose the joy in the build up to get to that accomplishment?! Ever say, I just have to make it through the week, month or school year?! Without the work, the pain, the sweat and the tears, sitting in those moments of joy will never be filled with as much appreciation and happiness.

Enjoy the journey.