Yoga and Community

Yoga means to Yoke or Join together the body and the mind. It is a time where you get to notice your tendencies (in Body and Mind.) In Positive Psychology we define this as our True Self. The beautiful thing about acknowledging this individual time we have on our mats is it becomes a place where YOU can decide who you want to be. Read More


On Election Day, use your Yoga!

At Peaceful Warrior, we LOVE talking about how you can take your Yoga off your mat. In times of transition and unrest, Yoga can be a beautiful tool! Read More


Through my teaching I work constantly on inviting new ways to find mindfulness in movements, poses and transitions. Whether it be a creative sequence or slowing things down or coming into a pose multiple different ways. This idea of letting the body and mind unite to create mindful movement through the support of the breathe is one of the greatest keys to moving up the Koshas (energy sheaths.) Read More

A Dozen Things to Know Before Starting a Yoga Practice & To Remind Yourself of Each Time You Practice.

1. Yoga is about the union of the mind, body, and spirit. It is not about where you are going or where your ego tells you you should be. It is instead about the observation of the journey there and what comes up in the body and the mind. Find mindfulness and truth (Satya) in all movements small or large and grace in transitions between the poses. Read More

No one knows how you feel but you…

While I was practicing today I realized that the way I was stretching in a pose probably looked a little funky to anyone watching. Granted, 5 month pregnant woman sweating like a beast was probably cause enough for a second glance but I just had to pause in the glory of a stretch that worked my low back and felt oh so good. Read More